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Sewer networks - Hydraulics

  • Hydrodynamic sewer network modeling
  • Sewer drainage design
  • Overflow management (Überstaunachweis, kann auch Entlastungen heissen)
  • Collection system capacity evaluation – Identifying parts of the sanitary or combined sewer system which are experiencing, or contributing to an SSO (Sanitary Sewer Overflow) or CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) discharge due to hydraulic deficiencies (sewer overflow due to hydraulic deficiencies).
  • First (foul) flush calculations
  • Calculation of self-cleansing velocity

The ++SYSTEMS components KANAL++ (graphical front-end, NIS) and DYNA/FLUT (back-end, calculation kernel) together form a fully dynamic, geospatial modeling and management software for wastewater, storm-water, and combined sewer systems. Providing a powerful tool for hydraulic modeling, ++SYSTEMS makes sewer network drainage design, overflow management, and collection system capacity evaluation a breeze.

In addition to the ability to handle very complex networks, ++SYSTEMS provides unparalleled computational speed by using a fast, accurate and stable numerical solution scheme ("complex parallel step method", CPM), developed in-house at tandler.com. Observed as well as synthetic (e.g. block rainfall events, type I, type II, etc. rains) precipitation time series can be used as model input data, meaning single event or long-term (continuous) rainfall-runoff simulations can be performed. An appropriate surface model accounts for soil type, land use, and topography of the watershed. Amongst other results, flow rates and flow depths can be calculated for any location in the network. In addition to sewer overflows due to hydraulic deficiencies, intermittent discharges from sewerage systems, i.e. Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO), Storm-water Overflows (SWO), and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) are identified and quantified.

All this raw computing power is garnished with an intuitive user-interface, stunning graphics, and a multitude of ways to analyze, visualize, export, and further utilize hydraulic simulation results. ++SYSTEMS is thus an all-in-one solution for users to minimize time and money spent to create, run, analyze and visualize simulations of complex sewer networks of any kind using state-of-the art approaches and algorithms - all the while having fun doing so!