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Sewer networks - control / simulating real-time-control (RTC) devices

  • Simulation of modern and sophisticated real-time control (RTC) systems
  • Effective use of available retention volumes
  • Dynamic control of hydraulic regulators (gate valves, flow limiting valves, pumps, weirs, etc.) in hydraulic models

Modern sewer systems incorporate many hydraulic regulators of various kinds (gate valves, flow limiting valves, pumps, weirs, orifices, etc.). Static use of such regulating device does not allow for an automatic adaptation of the system to various load scenarios, including dry weather run-off as well as severe rainfall events. Designing or redesigning sewer systems to cope with maximum flow rates and storage volumes might thus lead to excessive costs. Dynamic control of hydraulic regulators makes the effective usage of available storage volumes in the system possible. Sophisticated controlling approaches can in many cases condition existing sewer systems to operate efficiently during dry weather run-off while still being able to handle peak flow situations during severe rainfall events, making expensive replacement of components obsolete and thus tremendously reducing costs.

With ++SYSTEMS, utilities and network operators can not only model and simulate existing control structures, but can also work out, test, compare, and verify novel control approaches and strategies "in silico", before transferring respective rules and approaches to real-world systems. By doing so, instead of conducting time-consuming tests in the field, costs can be dramatically slashed again.