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Sewer networks - Asset management

  • Sewer inspection
  • Scoring of the risk profile of each pipe in the network
  • Storage and management of inspection and risk data for sewer network components
  • Planning of rehabilitation measures
  • Sewer deterioration models

++SYSTEMS provides a one-stop-shopping solution for sewer asset management. Utilities and network operators can plan and commission sewer inspection campaigns, interfacing directly with the company conducting the inspection to transfer important data. Once the inspection results are available, they can be imported into the system and the risk profile of each pipe and manhole in the system can be scored using various pre-defined, as well as customized methods. All produced CCTV (closed circuit TV) data can be imported into and managed in ++SYSTEMS – geospatially referenced – for further processing and usage by in-house experts.

Using the scoring results, pipes with the highest risk of hydraulic deficiencies and/or structural failure, general safety risks and worst operations and maintenance (O&M) conditions can be identified, and a maintenance, rehabilitation and/or renewal priority list can be worked out.

Subsequently, appropriate rehabilitation methods can be identified and measures can be planned for each sewer system component. Rehabilitation measures are grouped to "rehabilitation alternatives", which can be compared to one another as well as to sewer replacement strategies, according to various criteria, foremost financial ones. Once selected, grouped rehabilitation alternatives can be directly contracted from respective companies using export data, topical plans and views generated in ++SYSTEMS. These data can be supplied to construction companies on paper, in various electronic formats, or even in ++SYSTEMS itself, using our mobile topical GIS system.

In short, ++SYSTEMS arms utilities and network operators with powerful tools to keep their sewer systems functional and cost effective, both now and in the future.

Asset management