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mobile NIS / GIS

  • Recording of observations in the field
  • Import of data reported by field staff into the main NIS project
  • Navigation and data availability for field staff
  • Geospatially referenced contract information for construction and maintenance crews

tandler.com also provides a version of ++SYSTEMS optimized for ruggedized mobile devices. Large buttons and intuitive functionality allows for usage even with gloves. GNSS functionality and geospatially referenced object data allows construction crews to locate their worksite quickly and conveniently and have all relevant information about the job and the sewer system component in question at their fingertips.

On the other hand, utility field staff on on-site inspection duty can easily record observations of various kinds: pictures can be taken and stored in the system, notes can be taken, sketches can be made, and relevant forms can be filled in – all while still being on-site in the field. Back in the office, each field crew officer can then synchronize his mobile data collection with the main project database. To ensure data quality, controlling workflows with variable roles can be defined, which make certain, that only correct data enters the main sewer database project.

mobile NIS/GIS